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The Phoenix Residence offers a 24/7 protected living facility for adults from the age of 18 with autism and related problems. These (young) adults have a WMO "Protected Living" or WLZ "Living" indication. There is 24/7 guidance available. The Phoenix Residence offers 3 types of living. We will explain what they mean here. In most housing types, both men and women from 18 years, with different backgrounds live with us. When you come to us, you may start in a bedroom or KTC room. In the first case you have a bedroom (we have 2 available in total) and you share the kitchen and living room with up to 25 others. You share the shower and toilet with 1 other person. You take care of the household together with your fellow residents. You eat together and cook once a week with and for your fellow residents, possibly under supervision. If you are ready for the next step, we offer KTC rooms (Room Training Centers). You will then have your own bedroom and your own shower and/or toilet, as well as a refrigerator and microwave in your room. You cook for yourself in the general kitchen. You can also use the living room of the Phoenix Residence. We have a total of 13 KTC rooms. After that you can either move on to one of our apartments or move on to your own living space where we will then offer ambulatory support for as long as necessary. We have 11 apartments within the Phoenix Residence. If you live in one of our apartments, you have your own front door. This means that you are eligible for housing benefit. You have your own bedroom, shower, toilet and kitchen.


When are we not a suitable place for you?

  • Addiction problems
  • Self-mutilation Psychosis
  • Aggression towards others
  • Very serious behavioral problems

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