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Bianca Schreuder

My name is Bianca Schreuder. I am originally from South Africa and have been living in the Netherlands for 27 years now. I have extensive experience in care as an ambulatory counselor, but I also have experience in setting up a sheltered housing initiative. In my spare time I am involved in mediumship and healing. I come from an entrepreneurial family and a few years ago I founded the small-scale housing initiative "Darrius" in the West of the country, a form of housing that offers guidance and sheltered living for young adults with autism.

I myself have two children with autism and know better than anyone what they encounter, how large the waiting lists are for appropriate support and guidance and often changes of care providers. Autism does not go away, but does not have to lead to exclusion. Our joint initiative with the Phoenix Residence aims to bridge that gap and to tap into and utilize the potential that this large group of people has. Nicole and I would like you to experience that care can be done differently.

Nicole de Haas

My name is Nicole de Haas. I live in Twente and have 3 children. I have worked in social work for almost 10 years with both children and adults, after which I have worked for several years as a naturopathic therapist and kinesiologist in my own practice. My experiences gained in my previous work are very valuable for the treatments and contacts with people within my work as a medium and teacher. Shortly after I started as a naturopathic therapist and kinesiologist, I became more and more aware that I could relate to people from the Spiritual World. I then decided to follow training courses in the field of mediumship. I completed a 3-year course in 2010. I also visited the famous Arthur Findlay College many times for training and accomplished the teacher training there. I have been a fully qualified teacher at the AFC in Stansted since April 2015, where I have worked many times as a teacher.

From 2009 to 2019 I have provided national and international training courses in the Zwanenhof, former spiritual center, and since November 2019 I have continued at Ehzerwold Estate. From 2022, my program will be offered at the Phoenix Residence. More information about my work and mediumship can be found on the page about Mediumship and Healing. My daughter has autism and our search for a place to live where she can grow and flourish in an independent and motivating environment has revealed that there is a poignant shortage of such places to live. Now it is time, together with Bianca, to connect all that expertise to precisely that care that is lacking in society, but for which there is an enormous need, and this is how this unique concept has arisen, in which an inextricable connection has been made with my work.

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