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The Phoenix Residence is located in a beautiful location in Twente, "De Zwanenhof" in Azelo (Zenderen, municipality of Borne). Traditionally, the Zwanenhof has been a retreat house where people could go for contemplation and meaning. A place where there was room to think about the big questions of life, questions and needs that give depth to life. From 2009-2019 it has also been an important place for international training in the fields of healing, mediumship, spirituality and personal development. That's a piece brought back by the Phoenix Residence. The Zwanenhof is also a wedding location and has a beautiful chapel. Several organisations, people join together in the Zwanenhof. Cooperation in the field of care, gardening, restaurant and education are central here. Well being for people is most important and that objective is lived and pursued from the heart. 

Phoenix Residence