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The word philosophy comes from Greek. It is derived from the words philia and sophia, which mean love and wisdom respectively. Philosophy thus literally means: love of wisdom (philosophy). The Greek mathematician Pythagoras (c. 580-500 BC) introduced the word. It can therefore rightly be said that the cradle of science lies in Greek thought. This thinking is primarily philosophy. There is really no single definition of 'philosophy'. Philosophy tries to provide answers to "life" questions. Many young adults are busy with their lives, what is going on in the world and how we experience it.

Life questions make people think and look for an answer that cannot be directly substantiated by research. We offer a philosophy evening once a month. You will learn to find answers to all kinds of questions in an easy and fun way. You will learn how to structure your own thoughts and form a well-founded opinion on a large number of current themes. Together with other young adults, you come up with themes that you will discuss. You learn to express your opinion in a constructive way and to communicate with each other respectfully. Further dates will follow.

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