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What is intuition? Do you ever stop to think about that? Just say that gut feeling that speaks to you. Which tells you how to assess danger, react in complex situations, make decisions and so on. The feeling seems so elusive and mysterious, but actually it is your subconscious that communicates with you. Intuition is a source of knowledge, which has little to do with predicting the future, but everything to do with the way you store and process information in your brain. Simply summed up, intuition is the way your subconscious "I" relays messages to your conscious, thinking “I”. You also recognize your intuition by the way the information comes in. That is not always in words, often it is more something you feel. Your intuition will always help you and remind you every day to be who you really are. Everyone has intuition. By developing this you expand your consciousness and you stimulate your spiritual development and personal growth. Your outlook on life can change through a deeper awareness of who you are and what you can do. Do you enjoy working on this, discovering and experiencing what is possible if you trust your intuition and do you want to get more in your own power? Then join these short workshops. Further dates will follow.

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