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There is nothing floaty about giving your head some rest. This can be done by taking a long walk, by cooking mindfully or with meditation, for example. Meditating itself is not difficult, but it is especially difficult in the beginning to master the discipline. But if you teach yourself to meditate regularly, you will notice that it really calms your mind. Meditation is about (mental) silence, but also about getting to know yourself. You allow your mind to completely relax and eventually try to reach a different state of consciousness by focusing completely on the here and now.

It can be practiced in many ways, there is no one way that is the only right one. The important thing is that you don't try to control your thoughts, but let them go. Many people think that you should completely empty your mind when you meditate, but that is not the case. It is more about observing and accepting thoughts. You let them pass, as it were, you listen to them, and then let them go. Today there are so many stimuli and so many distractions that we live less in the NOW than we might like. It has been researched that meditation is effective for people with autism. But whether you have autism or not. You are welcome to join us once a month. During these evenings we will practice various forms of meditation, so that you can experience what works for you. Further dates will follow.

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