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The guidance is aimed at promoting, developing, maintaining or compensating for self-reliance. We think it is important that you can learn to function as independently as possible. If you live with us, you will have a mentor. He or she will work with you to develop a care plan and have weekly meetings. During these conversations, your goals will be discussed and updated if necessary. In addition, if necessary, you will receive support from various care providers in various areas.

At the Phoenix Residence we teach (young) adults to do everyday activities such as: shopping, cooking, cleaning, budgeting, chatting. In short, learn to live independently and participate in society. We offer daytime activities with the greatest emphasis on catering and landscaping. If that does not suit you, we will look for what does. We have other options within the Phoenix Residence, but we can also take a look with you beyond that. We assume that everyone can participate regardless of his or her situation. For example, you can think of a job, volunteer work or daytime activities at another location. Group-oriented activities, such as: Sports, yoga and meditation will contribute to a positive atmosphere. We also offer personal workshops for intuitive and personal development for (young) adults. This is a unique concept in the world.

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