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Wikipedia states that retreat is a retreat for spiritual self-examination and spiritual practice. A retreat often offers the opportunity to meditate intensively in a group with the help of a leader for a number of days. Until the late 20th century, school-organized retreats for Catholics in the Netherlands and Flanders were common. These retreats focus on deepening religious insights and experience. In recent decades, retreats have also been organized outside the framework of organized religions, in which the meaning of life or personal expectations in life are central. The Phoenix Residence offers themed group retreats and individual retreats. For example, a theme can be: burnout, grieving, healing, personal development. A retreat helps you to step out of your daily life for a while. Without too many distractions, such as mobile, computer, your environment, appointments, being on your own. A retreat helps you to adjust and to get closer to yourself. You therefore undertake a retreat in a special environment. The Phoenix Residence is located in a beautiful village with a lot of nature and a special energy.

Reasons to Do Retreats

  • You can do it alone. You don't have to be an adventurer, because you go to a safe environment, with or without a fixed program, food and domestic help. And you have real contact with others.
  • You can choose to have less or no access to social media, Facetime or Skype.
  • You have more free time, which you can only spend chatting with unknown like-minded people. You hear life stories that can inspire or move you.
  • There is a good chance that you will meet a new friend for the rest of your life at your retreat. You have real contact with the environment.
  • You enter unknown territory that gives you the opportunity to surprise your senses so that you can experience space and wonder. You meet yourself (again).
  • The unprecedentedly rapidly changing daily reality is sometimes overwhelming. On retreat you can leave some habits at home, do you have telephone conversations with the home front or less or no internet. This allows you to give new meaning to the freed up time and experience what it is like to be bored, to relax, to walk or to meditate.
  • You don't have to do anything. Everything is allowed and nothing is necessary. An ideal place to shift your life into a new gear.
  • Invest in your happiness. A retreat is literally and figuratively an investment, but it makes you happier and freer.
  • You get more in touch with yourself, in contact with others and you are amazed about your surroundings. The stillness and different experience of time calms your mind and makes room for inspiration and creativity.
  • Sleep often improves, stress decreases and vitality increases.

Early 2022 the first retreats will be on the website and we would like to welcome you to us. Further dates will follow. Would you like to book an individual retreat with us? Please contact us for the possibilities.

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